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This is an integrated reading lesson done with first graders reading on a second grade level.   It integrates reading skills, character development, higher order thinking and technology.   The lesson took place over two days at 30 minutes per day and could easily be replicated...the steps of the lesson are shown on the slide below.
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Here are some examples of 21st century KWL's using the Forms feature of Google Docs.  
Immigration KWL
Food Chemistry KWL
Geography KWL


I began teaching my "one" special today....I actually teach two specials a day for six weeks at a time (then I have six weeks off of both of them, so it really comes out to the equivalent of one special by the time the year is over).  My specials schedule is below:
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I also decided to do some 21st century technology integration with the Geography and Map skills they have been working on in I created a website for my 3rd Grade Building Thinking Skills Special to keep track of the lessons. Today was lesson 1, an online KWL Survey about Geography.  Some of their responses are below:
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Calendar of Literacy Events, Important Dates in History and Around the Globe with Lessons and Resources linked